Markus Engel, originally from Vienna, Austria, has studied film and theater directing at the Claremont Colleges and the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles from which he has earned a Master of Fine Arts. Since 1999 he has been working as a director for film, commercials, music videos and theater. Currently he lives in Leipzig, Germany.


SOKO LINZ, tv-series, ORF/ZDF, season1, 4x45min, 2021


LETZTER WILLE, tv-series, ORF, season1, 4x45min, 2019

DER LETZTE GAST, short film, HD, 15min, 2011
* German Independence Award – Best Short Film
18th Oldenburg Film Festival, Oldenburg, Germany
* Austrian Award – July Award 2011
Shnit International Short Film Festival, Bern, Switzerland
* Winner Audience Award Short Film,
38th International Filmweekend Würzburg 2012, Würzburg, Germany
* Max Ophuels Preis 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany
* Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival 2012, Vienna, Austria
* PiFAN, 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2011, Seoul, Korea
* Cinefiesta 2011, San Juan, Puerto Rico
* Encounters, 17th Bristol International Film Fest, Bristol, England
* Kinofest Lünen, Lünen, Germany
* FIKE, 10th International Short Film Fest, Évora, Portugal
* 22nd Cinequest Film Fest 2012, San Jose, CA, USA
* CinéGlobe Festival, Cern, Switzerland
* FEC Festival, 14th European Short Film Festival, Reus, Spain
* Ljubljana International Short Film Festival 2012, Ljubliana, Slowenia
* Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival 2012, Vienna, Austria
* Shortynale Kurzfilmfestival 2012, Klosterneuburg, Austria
* 27th Independent FilmFest Osnabrück 2012, Osnabrück Germany
* La Femme International Film Festival 2012, Los Angeles, USA
* 13th Pamplona Film Festival 2012, Pamplona, Spain
* Kurzfilmfestival der Innkante 2013, Waldkraiburg, Germany

ZWEI PERSONEN FILM, short film, security cameras, 15min, 2009

SZPARAGI Z KOSMOSU, short film, MiniDv, 15min, 2006
* FILMZ, Festival of German Cinema in Mainz, Germany
* Shorts at Moonlight Film Festival 2007 in Höchst und Mainz, Germany
* 21st Brest European Short Film Festival 2006 in Brest, France
* Film tour Lublin/Warschau 2009 in Lublin and Warsaw, Poland

SEVEN NEW PLAYS, animation, 7min, 2005
(Co-Director: Alexander Pschill)
* Anifest4, Animation Film Festival 2006 in Budapest, Hungary
* 32nd Festival Internatcional Filmets 2006 in Barcelona, Spain
* Balkanima Animation Film Festival 2006 in Belgrad, Serbia

KLEIDERSCHRÄNKE IM HERZEN, short film, MiniDv, 9min, 2004
* Lucania Film Festival 2005 in Pisticci, Italy
* Short Express – Corti in Velocitá 2005 in Palinuro, Italy

BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, short film, MiniDv, 7min, 2004
* Winner: “Best Ending”, Berlin36 Film Festival 2004 in Berlin, Germany

SCHATTEN, short film, MiniDv, 22min, 2003
* 26th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2004 in Clermont-Ferrand, France
* 49th Cork Film Festival 2004 in Cork, Ireland
* KunstFilm Biennale 2004 in Köln, Germany
* Paris Tout Court Film Festival 2004 in Paris, France
* 18th Leeds International Film Festival 2004 in Leeds, England
* 11th Granada Film Festival 2004 in Granada, Spain
* Neuchâtel International Film Festival 2004, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
* New York Short Film Festival 2004 in New York, USA
* 3rd RIFF, Rome Independent Film Festival 2004 in Rom, Italy
* 1st Potenza Film Festival 2004 in Potenza, Italy

BERLIN MIT HAUT UND HAAREN, short film, BetaSP, 7min, 2003
(Co-Director: Nayer Paknia)
* Winner, Berlin36 Film Festival 2003 in Berlin, Germany

NACHTSCHWIMMEN, short film, 35mm, 17min, 2002
* First prize European competition, Vendôme Film Festival 2002 in Vendôme, France
* Runner-up, Dances With Films 2002 in Los Angeles, USA
* 3rd SentieroCorto 2002 – International Short Film Festival in Milan, Italy
* Taormina BLN Film Fest 2002 in Taormina, Italy
* 13th São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2002 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
* 7th Manchester International Short Film Festival 2002 in Manchester, England
* Corto Imola Festival 2002 in Imola, Italy
* Sevilla Festival of Cinema and Sport in Sevilla, Spain
* FIKE 2002 – Évora International Short Film Festival in Évora, Portugal
* 12th DaKINO International Film Festival 2002 in Bucharest, Romania
* 5th MVPA Annual Director’s Cuts 2002 in Los Angeles, USA
* 5th Sarasota Film Festival 2003 in Sarasota, USA
* Filmschau Würzburg 2003 in Würzburg, Germany
* roARaTorio, Rencontres Internationales 2003, in Paris/Berlin, France/Germany
* DIAGONALE, Festival des oesterreichischen Films 2003 in Graz, Austria
* 2° International Best of Short Films Festivals 2003 in La Ciotat, France
* Las Vegas Blue Sky International Film Festival 2003 in Las Vegas, USA
* 1st Bratislava Selection of Best Short Films 2003 in Bratislava, Slovakia
* 1. Filmfest Eberswalde 2004 in Eberswalde, Germany